Daniella Pineda Bio 2021: Age, Net Worth, Wiki

 Daniella Pineda is a charming actress who has successfully established herself as a writer and comedian. Many celebrities are having a tough job as an actress and it is commendable that Pineda also tried her hand in writing. This multi-talented actress has been ruling the industry since her arrival in 2010. NoFaceGirl


This actress became the talk of the town when news of her casting on Cowboy Bebop was confirmed. She surprisingly, she will be seen in the lead role of Faye Valentine. Along with Daniella, fans are eager to find out about her role in the upcoming TV show.

Here in this article, we will thoroughly talk about this lady in detail. From her work on various movies to how much she earns in 2021, we'll cover them all. Also, her article will allow you to infiltrate her love life and the way she maintains her luxurious life in 2021. Before all this, let's learn more about her through some quick facts about her. NoFaceGirl

Speaking of Pineda, she is very conservative and reserved in real life. That is the reason why the media reveals very little information about her and her parents. According to reliable sources, it was revealed that her grandfather's name is Jimmy. Also, she is very close to them and loves them tenderly.

This fiery actress was born in 1987 and recently celebrated her birthday on February 20. From now on, she falls under the Sun sign of Pisces. Based on her sign, she loves to be the center of attraction, and often she is the center of attention.

That said, Daniella is 5 feet 5 inches tall, which becomes 165 cm. Also, she is lucky enough to have a bodyweight of 56 kg, which translates to 125 pounds.

She comes from a Latino ethnicity, it cannot be denied that she has some Latino characteristics. The most distinctive feature of this actress is her model on the left side of her neck. Along with that, she has a tattoo on the upper bicep of her right arm that she got tattooed as soon as she finished high school.

In addition to this, fans are in awe of her natural dark brown hair. most of the time, she dyes her hair to further enhance her beauty, even though she is beautiful just the way she is. Even more, she has a dark black eye.

One can imagine that Pineda was lucky enough to have a peaceful childhood. For one thing, her parents easily met her basic requirements, which is why she received all the love and care from her grandparents.

Education Summit Daniella has been to Mills College. She seems like she had a very normal school life, no bullies and less fighting. She soon received her graduation from there.

Daniella began her acting career in 2010 on the television show Men of a Certain Age. After landing a minor role on the show, she later landed the role of Vanessa in the 2011 film Newlyweds.

Fortunately, she landed the lead role of Ruby Simms on the television show called American Odyssey. She appeared in thirteen full episodes. Later in 2016, she was cast as Vanessa Randall on The Detour until 2019. She appeared in 22


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